EDI makes document exchange fast and seamless.

LogiWare’s EDI gives you the ability to send and receive electronic documents with customers, vendors, carriers, and others. EDI messages can be sent directly from a shipment file without any rekeying of data and improve the accuracy and speed of your operations. Status of the messages is automatically updated in the application with color codes to show success, in process, and errors.

  • Booking Request (300)
  • Booking Confirmation (301)
  • Shipping Instructions/Bill of Lading (304)
  • eAWB (Electronic Air Waybill)
  • Shipment Status (315)
  • VGM (Verified Gross Mass)
  • Purchase Orders (850)
  • Ship Notices (856)
  • AES (Automated Export System)
  • AMS (Automated Manifest System)
  • ISF (Importer Security Filing)
  • Japan AFR (advanced Filing Rule)
  • CTS, IMS, Xenon, ABF, SAIA interface for Truck Rates and status
  • RAIL Inc. Status
  • Tariff Filing interface
  • Carrier Rate Portals (Catapult)