Logiware Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What is Logiware?
    Logiware is a software platform serving forwarders, NVOCC’s, and anyone that man-ages international shipments. Our software helps increase profitability, keep shipments on schedule, and improve visibility and collaboration with all stakeholders. Our services can help scale your business and handle peak periods. Our Company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia with a logistics service center in Bangalore, India.
  • What modules does Logiware offer?
    Logiware has the following modules:
    Shipments - Ocean, Air, Truck, Rail, Exports, Imports, Domestic, Foreign-to-Foreign, less than container load, full container load, roll-on/roll-off, break-bulk, and dangerous cargo.
    • Warehousing
    • Reporting
    • Rate Management
    • EDI
    • Accounting
    • Document Form Creator/Editor
    • Workflow Management
    • Customer Portal
  • What are the different package levels offered?
    There are 3 package levels – Essential, Professional, and Enterprise.
    • The Essential package contains basic shipment operations and reporting.
    • The Professional package adds accounting, EDI, and rate management.
    • The Enterprise package adds order management, document creator, workflow, management, and customer portal.
  • Does Logiware support multiple languages, currencies, and office locations?
    Yes, each user in Logiware can use the system in their own language. Invoicing, pay-ments, receipts, and other functions can be processed in any currency with real-time access to exchange rates. Multiple office locations can also use Logiware to do internal billing and send shipments from one office to another.
  • Can I give my customers and agents access to Logiware for selfservice and status tracking?
    Yes. Logiware offers a customer portal that allows customers, agents, and other stakeholders to create quotes, bookings, view documents, exchange notes, and track shipment status.
  • Can Logiware automatically notify people as milestones and tasks are completed?
    Logiware has a full workflow management module that allows you to automatically send notifications and documents to users and customers based on milestones and task completion, escalate and alert supervisors and managers if tasks are at risk or behind, and provide visibility of shipment milestones and task status.
  • Does Logiware have an integrated Accounting package?
    Yes, Logiware has a fully integrated accounting package with Accounts, Receivable, Accounts Payable, General ledger, Reports, and GAAP, accrual based.
  • Does Logiware have interfaces to Commercial Accounting Packages?
    Yes, Logiware has interfaces to Quickbooks and Peachtree and can develop other interfaces as needed.
  • What EDI connectivity does Logiware support?
    Logiware has the following EDI connectivity:
    • Ocean carriers for bookings and BL through the INTTRA and GTNEXUS portals.
    • eAWB's to airline carriers through IATA network.
    • AES/ISF/AMS with US Customs.
    • ASYCUDA interface for filing Manifest with countries using the UN ASYCUDA program.
    • Japan AFR with Japan
    • Truck rates through IMS (FCL) and CTS (LCL)
    • Industry standard ANSI X12 formats for Purchase Orders and Ship Notifications.
    • Industry standard ANSI X12 and XML for bookings and BLs with other forwarders/NVOCCs.
    • Banking standard format for ACH payment transactions
    • Banking standard format for Bank reconciliation transactions
  • How can I get my Carrier and Trucker Contract Rates and amendments into Logiware?
    Logiware has an automated upload function that can load your rates into the system from a spreadsheet format. We also have a team of specialist in our Bangalore, India office that can take your contracts and amendments, format the spreadsheet, and load the rates for you.
  • Does Logiware have interfaces with Trucking Portals for inland rates?
    Logiware has an interface to IMS for full container load inland truck rates and CTS for less than container load inland truck rates.
  • Does Logiware offer Staffing Services?
    Logiware has a group of over 100 experienced people in Bangalore, India that can perform most any task in the shipment process including operations and accounting. In some cases, Logiware provides full back-office support by processing shipments from start to finish, including customer and vendor communication.
  • How much does Logiware cost?
    Logiware is priced per use per month based on the package level you choose, length of contract, and the number of users you have:
    • Essential - $85 per user/month
    • Professional - $100 per user/month
    • Enterprise - $110 per user/month
  • Is there an implementation fee?
    Yes, Logiware charges a one-time setup and implementation fee starting from $250 and increasing based on the number of users, to cover the following items: Setup your system
    • Load your trading partner data (customer, vendors, etc.)
    • Setup users, configuration options, and system preferences
    • Establish and setup EDI connections
    • Review and adjust document forms
    • Load and setup accounting data
    • Train users
  • Can I start small and add more users later?
    Yes, there is no minimum number of users with Logiware and you can add users at any time at the contract rate. You DO NOT pay an additional implementation fee to add new Users.
  • How long does it take to implement Logiware?
    Logiware’s standard implementation can be completed within 3 weeks. This includes setting up your system, loading your data, configuring your preferences, and training. If you have multiple offices or groups, require custom changes, or need multiple training sessions for each group, then your timeline may be longer.
  • How can I get trained on the system?
    Logiware has online training material and videos in multiple languages. Training material and videos are also embedded in the system and can be accessed while using the system for the specific area that you are working in. As part of your implementation, Logiware will sample files in your system. Also during implementation, Logiware will provide Q&A sessions to help you get comfortable with your new system. Support can also provide ongoing answers at any time over chat, email, or GotoMeeting if needed.
  • Is there support available?
    Logiware provides excellent support, 24-hours per day, 365 days per year. Support can be accessed by email or chat. Most support tickets are resolved in minutes. Escalation procedures are also in place to bring in programming and management support as needed.
  • Are software upgrades included in my subscription?
    Yes, bug fixes are done on a nightly and weekly release schedule as needed. Logiware is always adding new features and enhancements to the platform and these are released on a monthly cycle. These are included in your monthly user subscription.
  • Can I get custom changes made to the software or document formats?
    Your implementation fee includes a certain number of hours of document and report changes. The Enterprise package also includes a Document Creator tool that allows you to change any document form yourself. If you want Logiware to change the document for you, you can send a marked-up copy, and we will change it for a small fee. Also, program changes can be made for an extra charge. Logiware will always give you an estimate in advance, and if approved will complete the change within that amount.
  • Can I import my current shipment data into Logiware?
    Yes, Logiware has an import spreadsheet template that can import your shipment data from another system.
  • Can Logiware build an interface to my old system and allow me to use both systems during the transition?
    Yes, Logiware has been successful building interfaces with our customer’s old system and allowing them to transition into Logiware while still having the old system as a safety net until all functions are migrated.
  • Where is the Logiware system hosted?
    The Logiware system runs in the Google Cloud and is hosted in Virginia, California, and Beijing, China. Logiware can be accessed via the internet anywhere in the world at any time.
  • How secure is my system and data?
    Logiware is hosted and run in the Google Cloud with state of the art network security, guarded access, climate control, redundancy, and operational processes in place. Logiware uses multiple, load balanced servers and replicated databases to ensure that the system will remain up and running even if a server or database goes down. With the Google Cloud, Logiware can instantly move operations from one data center region to another region if a problem occurs. Data backups are done in the Google Cloud throughout the day, nightly, weekly, and monthly and stored in a different location.
  • Do you sell or give my data to anyone else?
    Your data is owned exclusively by you. We will never sell, distribute, or provide any of your data to anyone else without your direction and approval.