Features for efficiency and control.

LogiWare upgrades your entire supply chain operation by giving you tools to run it better than ever before.

Manage documents with ease

Logiware has all the documents needed for your shipments.

  • Configure the document list and remove any documents that are not needed.
  • Customize document templates to meet your specific needs.
  • Upload, scan, or drag-and-drop from email and external documents into the file with our scan/attach function.
  • Email documents and track all correspondence history.

Customer/Agent access and status tracking

  • Set up permissions for customers, agents, and all stakeholders to access their files, tasks, and documents.
  • Use our Status Tracking widget on your website to display file status.
  • Enable customers to create their own quotes.

Multiple-office, currency, and language support

  • Handle inter-office billing, multiple currencies, and multiple language on documents.

EDI ready

  • Send EDI transactions to US Customs, carriers, truckers, rail carriers, banks and others to improve accuracy, productivity, and speed.
  • Send files and documents electronically between Logiware companies.

Workflow and notification management

  • Define tasks, resources, and notifications for your shipment processes or use best practices.
  • Allow users and managers to see pending tasks and status on the dashboard.

Accounting integration

  • Automatically send Invoices and costs to Accounting.
  • Employ ready-to use-interface with Quickbooks.


  • Alert users of workflow tasks and actions needed on shipments.
  • Define the fields and icons that will display on the dashboard at the user level.

Built-in features

Screen and Report Configuration

  • Remove fields that are not needed from the screen
  • Create reports and schedule them to run and email automatically

Role-based access

  • Control user access to screens, functions, and data.

Productivity Tools

  • Eliminate rekeying of data. Enter information once and have it carry forward from Quote to Booking to Bill of Lading to EDI and beyond.
  • Save time and reduce errors with many more productivity tools throughout the software.

Audit Tracking

  • Increase clarity through audit tracking notes, which specifies the old value, new value, user, and date/time of every change made.