Logiware was founded on a few key principles and values.�Innovation was one of those.�Innovation is one of the main reasons we are in business.�Our clients want to improve their business, and Logiware helps them succeed by bringing innovation into their operational processes.�

At Logiware, innovation starts by spending time understanding how our customers work and operate.�We then apply technology and workflow improvements to our products so that we can make those processes faster, more accurate, more automated, more visible, and sometimes just simpler.�

Innovation also starts with people. When hiring employees, we look for people who are open-minded, flexible, enjoy challenges and problem solving, and have the temperament�to see things through to the end.

When creating the Logiware software platform, we understood that it would be used by many different companies with many different customers. Because of this we knew that the software would need flexibility and configuration capability to provide the basis for fostering innovation.