Ocean-Air-Truck Shipments


Any shipment. Any mode. End-to-end automation.

Whether you use ocean, air, truck, or rail, the Logiware platform has everything you need to process shipments from end-to-end. We offer an easyto-use and fully-automated process that starts with a quote or booking with the shipper and ends with a delivery order to the consignee � and everything in between. We can even handle full consolidation.


  • Create quotes quickly from your carrier and truck contracts or manually enter spot rates.
  • Manage markups by equipment/unit type, country, region or customer.
  • Monitor rate changes and automatically add alerts to the quote.

Bookings/Warehouse Receipts

  • Generate bookings from quotes, orders, or separately and create all of the booking documents you need, rated and non-rated.
  • Automatically send and receive cutoff date notifications, manage rolled bookings, split bookings, and mark bookings to ship together.

Bills of Lading, Air Waybills, Arrival Notices and More

  • Generate bills of lading, commercial invoices, certificates of origin, packing lists, pre-alerts, arrival notices, delivery orders and other necessary documents.
  • Manage costs, invoices, view profit/loss at the file level
  • Handle inter-office billing, multi-currency, agent and forwarder commissions and settlements/reconciliation.


  • Create house and master BL/AWBs, manifests, and loading guides.
  • Manage container stuffing, stripping and devanning.
  • Distribute costs from master to house level.



EDI makes document exchange fast and seamless.

LogiWare�s EDI gives you the ability to send and receive electronic documents with customers, vendors, carriers, and others. EDI messages can be sent directly from a shipment file without any rekeying of data and improve the accuracy and speed of your operations. Status of the messages is automatically updated in the application with color codes to show success, in process, and errors.

  • Booking Request (300)
  • Booking Confirmation (301)
  • Shipping Instructions/Bill of Lading (304)
  • eAWB (Electronic Air Waybill)
  • Shipment Status (315)
  • VGM (Verified Gross Mass)
  • Purchase Orders (850)
  • Ship Notices (856)
  • AES (Automated Export System)
  • AMS (Automated Manifest System)
  • ISF (Importer Security Filing)
  • Japan AFR (advanced Filing Rule)
  • CTS, IMS, Xenon, ABF, SAIA interface for Truck Rates and status
  • RAIL Inc. Status
  • Tariff Filing interface
  • Carrier Rate Portals (Catapult)



Seamless integration between operations and accounting.

LogiWare�s Accounting application is designed to be fully integrated with operations. So your operations staff can work in concert with Accounting and your business runs more efficiently and more accurately. The solution enables you to:

  • Automatically send charges to accounting when customers are invoiced.
  • Make corrections and additional invoices to customers.
  • Manage vendor costs and invoices in a shipment file.
  • See the financial status of receipts and payments from a shipment file.
  • Gain visibility and stop the processing of customers on credit hold.

General Ledger

  • Supports double entry accounting methods and accruals or cash methods
  • Multiple companies/divisions/currencies
  • Chart accounts, journal entries, budgets, sub-ledgers, bank reconciliation, and financial reports including income statement, balance sheet, and trial balance

Accounts Receivable

  • Includes receivable inquiries
  • Miscellaneous invoicing, cash receipts and prepayments
  • Automated credit hold processing
  • Customer statements, net settlement capability, and aging reports.

Accounts Payable

  • Includes payable inquiries
  • Processing vendor invoices, miscellaneous invoices
  • Check/ACH/credit card/wire payments, positive pay, check register and multiple reports.


Rate Management

Carrier and trucking contract rates � under control and at your fingertips.

At LogiWare, we understand that keeping up with carrier contract rates can be confusing and time consuming. That�s why we designed an effective, easy-to-use Rate Management System. It helps ensure the rates with carriers and truckers in your system are accurate and up-to-date with the latest changes, So you have more peace of mind and fewer headaches.

Key features:

  • Manage all types of rates: Ocean, Air, Truck and Rail
  • Maintain rates by trade lane, commodity, carrier, and customer
  • Set up standard or custom markups by customer, country, region, and equipment type.
  • Use productivity features that allow you to update groups of rates (bulk updates),manage amendments, surcharges, bullet rates, and GRI changes.
  • Enter rates in advance, and with effective date logic built into Logiware, your rate will automatically become active and expire when it should.


Customer Portal

The Logiware Customer Portal gives customers the visibility they need.

Our Customer Web Portal allows your customers, agents and other partners to access the system and see critical information. You can allow customers to access as little or as much as you want. And they will only be able to access and view their records. By customizing the fields and messages to meet customers� specific needs, you reduce work on your end and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Customers/Agents/Partners can:

  • Check the status of their shipments
  • Create their own quotes
  • Request Bookings
  • Update their address and contacts
  • View certain documents
  • Add notes to shipments and documents
  • View sailing schedules
  • Print rate sheets
  • Run Reports


Order Management (SO/PO)

Make your business indispensible to your customers.

Logiware�s Order Management System allows you to become more responsive and valuable to your client by integrating your customer�s sales and purchase orders into your logistics process.This integration in turn increases productivity throughout the supply chain.

  • Interface Logiware with your customers� ERP system to automatically load sales orders and purchase orders, nightly or through-out the day
  • Receive purchase orders via EDI directly into Logiware and send booking and ship notices back to the customer or supplier.
  • Make shipments or warehouse receipts directly from a sales order or purchase order.
  • Quickly find shipments by SO or PO number and run reports to show all shipments made against a SO or PO.



We have the warehouse functions you need to complete the shipping process.

Logiware allows you to manage your warehouse along with shipments so that everything is in sync:

  • Bookings, pickup orders, shipments, purchase orders, and unscheduled packages can be received into the warehouse.
  • Bar code labels can be printed and placed on warehouse receipts.
  • Items from the warehouse seamlessly flow into bookings and shipments, automatically updating the status.
  • Delivery Orders can be generated from warehouse items.
  • Items can be tracked by lot number and expiration date.