Isn't it time you found a partner that can help you scale and improve your business?

Logiware has 100+ BPO specialists that are fully trained in international logistics to help with any task needed.

Listed below are some of the tasks we have been handling for over 10 years now:

Operations Compliance/Other Accounting
Dock Receipts Contract Rate Loading Carrier/Truck/Warehouse Invoices
Warehouse Receipts Rate Amendments Carrier Statements
House Bills of Lading AES/AFR Filings Agent Net Settlement
Master Proofs ISF Filings Process Payables
Master Bills of Lading IMO/Hazardous Invoice Dispute Management
In-bond Transactions Caricom Filing Record Bank Deposits
Pre-Alerts/Arrival Notices Customs Exams Apply AR Payments (ACH/Wire/Credit Card)
Confirm on Board Permit to Transfers POA
Scan/Attach Docs Release Shipments

Here's how it works:

  • Logiware will develop a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and Service Level Agreement (SLA)for each task that is performed.
  • The BPO team will be trained on the SOP and a representative sample of the work will be performed. The SOP will be updated with standard expected times and the sample results will be reviewed.
  • Logiware can perform the tasks during daytime or after-hours, 24/7/365.
  • QA checking is done on all task activity.
  • Any errors are recorded and escalated for correction.
  • Monthly reports provide time analysis, errors, and other statistics.
  • Logiware currently processes over 60,000 documents per month, including 25,000 accounting invoices and 10,000 Bills of Lading.
  • Some customers have outsourced their entire Imports Department to Logiware

Some of the benefits you gain by using Logiware's BPO team:

  • Documented, Transparent processes - Since we document and flowchart the work process, you will always have a clear view of how your business is being done. This makes it easier to improve.
  • Consistent training - The team will receive continued training to improve task processes.
  • Improved Quality - Quality increases as you become more process oriented with closely monitored feedback cycles.
  • Measured Results - It is difficult to measure the performance of in-house teams, but with our service you will have monthly analysis of the quality, time, and cost of each task.
  • Cost reduction - Cost will decrease as more emphasis is put on the process, unnecessary steps are eliminated, and work is done offshore.
  • Faster turnaround times - It takes a few months, but cycle times for tasks will continue to shorten, and thereby improving your customer service.

Logiware also has 50+ programmers with experience in logistics to help complete your technology projects.

Listed below are some of the skills we have been using for the past 10 years:

Java Web Services SQL Server
Java Script HTML5 My SQL
Hibernate Mobile Development Oracle
Vadin Framework Sencha Mobile Development Python
Spring Framework Cloud Development PHP
Java Play Framework Multi-language programming CVS/SVN/Bigbucket
Junit Node JS Jenkins
AWS Lambda/S3

Here's how it works:

  • Requirements are reviewed and approved by the customer in advance.
  • Prototyping is utilized to reveal thorough requirements.
  • Development team can work with Agile or traditional waterfall methodologies.
  • Senior Architects and Developers submit technical design documents for approval.
  • Mantis web-based tracking system is used to track taskstatus and bugs.
  • Project Manager provides weekly status reports and progress.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) testing is tightly integrated into the development cycle.
  • Automated testing is used for regression testing.
  • Multiple server environments are utilized: Development, Test, and Stage.

Why choose Logiware's programming services:

  • Extensive domain knowledge of logistics will help you deliver a better solution.
  • Ramp-up staff as needed there is no need to hire and retain a large, expensive staff of programmers.
  • Our proven methodology will help you complete and deliver projects on time.
  • Cost savings with our blend of offshore development, we can help reduce project costs.
  • Fixed price if the requirements can be defined clearly, then Logiware will deliver the project at a fixed cost, eliminating your risk of budget over-runs.

Choose a pricing plan to fit your needs and get started today

Pricing for BPO Services:

Number of BPO Dedicated Specialists Monthly Rate
(No Contract)
Monthly Rate
(2 year contract)
Monthly Rate
(3 year contract)
Add Hoc work (no dedicated staff) $8.75 per hour --- ---
1 - 9 --- $1,000 per month $950 per month
10 - 19 --- $950 per month $900 per month
20 - 29 --- $900 per month $850 per month
30 - 39 --- $850 per month $800 per month
40 - 49 --- $800 per month $750 per month
50+ --- $750 per month $700 per month

Pricing for Programming Services:

Number of Programmers Programmer/QA Monthly Rate Sr. Designer Monthly Rate
Add Hoc to 3 programmers $20 per hour
($3,200 per month)
$30 per hour
($4,800 per month)
4+ $2,400 per month $3,600 per month


Logiware will also do fixed price projects if requirements are agreed upon up-front.

There is no charge for over-time (Max charge is 8hr. per day/40 hr. per week/160 hr. per month).