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Logiware Warehouse
  1. Single and Global Platform

    Imports, exports, foreign-to-foreign, IPI, stuffing, stripping, pickup, delivery.

  2. Interface with Accounting Packages

    Built-in, ready to use integrations with leading accounting software packages.

  3. Interface with US Customs

    Send AES, ISF, and AMS filings.

  4. EDI Connectivity

    Receive bookings and transmit warehouse warehouse receipts.

  5. Truck Portal Integration

    Interface with trucking portals, such as IMS, CTS, LFS, GLT, ExWorks, to recieve drayage and LTL truck rates.

  6. Workflow and Automation

    Use workflow tasks to guide users and automate your shipment processes.

  7. Rate and Order Management

    Upload and manage carrier contract rates, amendments, and markups. Manage and track shipments by sales and purchase orders.

  8. Customer Portal

    All customeres to track shipment status, view documents, pay invoices, receive alerts and messages, and create quotes and bookings.

  9. API Integration

    Utilize Logiware platform API’s to integrate your customer and agent systems directly into Logiware.

Single and Global Platform

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Interface with Accounting Packages

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Interface with US Customs

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EDI Connectivity

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Truck Portal Integration

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Workflow and Automation

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Rate and Order Management

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Customer Portal

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API Integration

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